"We are One"

The Key
Steve and Annie Chapman

I cannot tell you how I was hurt.
But I'll tell you I've had some tears.
I cannot tell you who it was
That turned my trust into fears.
But I took the pieces of my broken heart
And I built some prison walls.
And there I've held that offender for years.
And this is what I thought:
He will never know, never know no freedom.
As long as I live, I'll never give,
never give him freedom.
I'll, never, never give him freedom.

Then one day the Visitor came
to this prison in my heart.
He said you ought to know the truth about
the one behind the bars.
Yes he's weak and he's weary,
he has not smiled in years.
You have been successful
at keeping his eyes filled with tears.
But oh how he longs for his freedom.
These words are the key,
they first came from Me:
Father forgive them.
Come let me show you how to use them.

Now don't you know the offender
is rarely the one in pain.
Instead the one who will not forgive
is the one who wears the chains.
So I opened up that prison door
I used forgivness as the key.
And when I let that prisoner go
I found that it was me.
Oh, how sweet is the freedom.
And it came on the day when my heart prayed,
Father forgive them.
Father forgive them.
Father forgive them.
Oh, Father forgive them.
Oh, Father forgive them.
Father forgive them.

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Tags: Forgiveness, Key, Pain, Prisoner, Resolutions, Tears

Comment by Lauren Elisabeth Tancyus on January 1, 2011 at 11:03am

Such a beautiful and poignant poem Nikki. Love ya, Sherri



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