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Going out as a young TGgirl

I have been dressing since a baby as mom.sis and gram used to dress me in my sister’s old close to save money until I reached school age. After that I was not allowed to dress as a girl.

 As I became older around 7 or so and my sister was on a week end sleep over I would sneak into her room get dressed, a touch of makeup, put on her wig and sneak out of the house thru my bedroom window and just walk around town or go to the park and enjoy the feeling of being a girl as (unlike being a boy) it seemed like such a natural and comforting way to be.

A few years later I stepped it up a notch; one night after getting dressed, I again snuck out, walked to the roller rink, rented girls skates and skated all night. I was asked to skate a lot during the boys’ choice and just was so amazed that no one was even slightly suspicious. I do believe that at a young age it’s definitely so much easier to pass in public.

Now at my age, being a woman for a whole week end is great. Every once in a while I will go on vacation for three to 7 days and will leave all my male clothing at home.  It’s absolutely wonderful and again so totally comforting to be a woman.  Since I now live alone (divorced) in a small but very private house I can dress any time I want to and have become very used to coming and going en fem without worrying about bothering anyone. I do although, miss having a partner around.


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