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 As the old year comes to an end, I contemplate the years to come and what kind of difference I can make it in. I am inspired by a blog I just read
to write this today. It’s a blog dedicated to a young gender warrior of
only 11 years old and her mother who is also a gender warrior as a
parent. I invite you to read there blog and see the inspiration I have
  This leads me to my topic, I am declaring myself a Gender Warrior and I will stand up for my transgender sisters and brothers and those who are
their loved ones and families. Education of those who do not know what
being transgender is about. I will be a source of education and support
for those in need and for those who are in the dark.
 Transgender and gender variant is a proven birth defect of fetal development that occurs during the time when the brain and body is determining gender and
that the fetus is not supplied the right amount of hormones at the
right time causing either the brain or body to develop improperly in the
area of gender and gender identity. There are research studies that 36%
of transgender individuals will attempt suicide and the mortality rate
of that just increases as one gets older if the condition is left
untreated; this is a higher mortality rate than some forms of cancer. As
stated in this little girls blog, gender is not what’s between your
legs or what’s on the outside but the area between your ears.
 Due to social norms we are forced to be in the roles that our bodies dictate and so we suffer on the inside and eventually it either kills us
or we internalize it and might as well be dead to the world. I was dead
to the world and had no self worth, it took me over 20 years to figure
myself out and that was a crime. If there was more education out there
at the time I started to question my gender I would have not suffered
half my life and caused so much pain for others. I will be there for the
next generation of individuals and help them by being the light in the
darkness. Helping the main stream understand that this is a serious
medical issue and can be related to the same areas of health as other
well know brain birth defects like; ADHD, Dyslexia, Bi-Polar and even
Autism. And like those conditions you cannot cure them you just treat
them and learn to cope with the issue the best way possible and lead a
normal life and for a transgender individual this usually means
transitioning to the gender that there brain is wired for, but only if
they seek treatment.
 Social taboo’s have placed upon transgender as a life style choice and I’ll tell you this I would never wish upon anyone to be born transgender and I
do transition by choice but not as a lifestyle choice but as a choice
to be the woman I was always inside. So never was it a lifestyle choice,
the lifestyle choice was the 20 years of not facing my own identity.
There is hope now as social norms are changing and that taboo’s are
being set aside for more understanding. I ask that all that read this
become a gender warrior and educate your neighbors, friends and families
about what is means to be transgender.
 Once that change begins then bigger transformations can be done. Right now medical and mental health treatment for transgender is very much
considered a fringe medicine and not much support is coming from the
medical community, the most research done for transgenderism is done in
other countries that now accept it as a true medical condition. There is
very little coverage for medical insurance and that most transitional
cost are out of pocket even if the procedures are considered necessary
by medical standards. Cosmetic surgeries like facial reconstructive
surgery, breast augmentation and even Gender Reassignment Surgery are
deemed medically necessary but are not covered by most health plans.
Same goes for day to day treatments like trips to the therapist and
medical hair removal or even prescriptions.  I would ask that as a newly dubbed Gender Warrior that you spread the word and be a advocate for the transgender community,
I know I will as I life my life a Life into Zoe.
 Till next time Zoe.XOXO

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Comment by Rachel King on December 30, 2010 at 9:32pm
Don't mistake these words for lack of enthusiasm for your journey but I place a high regard for what is on a persons profile, after-all, that is what it is there for.
To give us an insight into the ' who' you are.
I might suggest you up-date from "out and about part-time" before you start shouting from the rooftops.
Your credibility will be important to you, as it is to us, in times to come, so starting on the right footing would seem important to me.
There are many here who expound their message loud and clear, here.
I wish you well in doing so in the big bad world.
I hope they are ready,hahahaha.
Comment by Rachel King on December 30, 2010 at 10:08pm

My congratulations, re your profile,

you have the courage of your convictions.

This should be an interesting passage in your journey,

go well.

Comment by Zoe A. Tipsword (Farren) on December 31, 2010 at 2:11pm
a developmental variation in fetal development is called a birth defect and nothing is wrong with that, My oldest son was born with hydronephrosis and he is a perfectly healthy little boy except that one little thing and that was corrected with surgery. sound familiar, we do the same thing we turn to medicine to correct a medical defect. If we keep telling people that this is not a medical issue then thy will stop providing medical care for transition and then where would we be. I am not a birth defect I have a birth defect and I want and need to correct it. I want to encourage the community to pursue the medical community and get better medical treatment and care for transgender individuals so that we can live a life that our souls and minds are wired for and overcome the deficiency of being born in the wrong physical gender. I want to see SRS as a standard medical treatment in a normal hospital and not a plastic surgeons clinic and covered by all insurance. I think if we keep doing the high horse thing and keep saying there is nothing out of place then we cut ourselves off at the knee's. I don't want the community to move backwards into seclusion but forwards to acceptance by all.


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