"We are One"

                                                             Love is a Hardship

                                                         Many days go by and i sleep alone,

                                                     With my threads of fate that i have sewn.

                                                      It becomes so unbearable day after day,

                                                    Leaving me speechless nothing left to say.

                                                       Something in me needs to come back,

                                                            I need to rid me of this attack.

                                                Pounding gets harder and begins to give me pain,

                                                   Losing my mind from what keeps me sane.

                                                      that piece in my heart i do truly miss,

                                                     That tender Hug and that goodnight Kiss.

                                                        When we cuddle is all i think about,

                                            Your warmth and comfort and never there is doubt.

                                                         What we have to me is very real,

                                                            and my heart you did steal.

                                                    Now its gone and the pain is still there,

                                                            in my dark room in which i stare.

                                                         Never thinking of moving on with my life,

                                                         Every though of me leaves me in strife.

                                                           Is this what life is a bottomless pit,

                                                        Forever falling and never a place to sit.

                                                       his uncomfortable feeling does not cease,

                                                         and the speed i fall begins to increase.

                                                           Now is the time to grow your wings,

                                                            Stop the fall and hear what sings.

                                                       Life is not over because you lost you love,

                                                    Fly high above everything because your a dove.

                                                       Beautiful, elegant, and a symbol to be free,

                                                            Look into a mirror and you will see.

                                                                 That pain will never go away,

                                                            Try to put it to rest and forever it will lay.

                                               Look to the future because that is whats ahead of you,

                                                       It is time to be you which was always true.

                                                          once your out of your bottomless pit,

                                                                 step on land and take a sit.

                                                             View the scenary all around you,

                                                  and just remember that this is what u need to do.

                                                              See the birds,clouds,and the trees,

                                                              the mountains,rivers, and the seas.

                                                           Fight this Pain like a powerful gunship,

                                                                    Because Love is a Hardship

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Comment by Nicole Aime on January 29, 2012 at 11:04pm

Where's the "Like" button when I need it?


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