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Hi Everyone! I went out Christmas shopping today....I have no idea what to get my mother.

I wore very little makeup, a brown shade of eyeshadow just slightly darker than my skin. Powdered eyeliner, a light dose of mascara, some bronzer, and a little blush. I prefer frosty or very pale pink lipstick. I really never wer a lot of makeup, as I feel better without too much. But that's just my taste.

I wore "Boot Cut" jeans, and a white and green long sleeved, striped henley. Both from Victoria's Secret. A white cropped parka, and white tennis shoes (runners). So I wouldn't say I was over dressed. I feel that it's easier to "pass" if you underdress, rather than over dress. But again, that's just my taste.

Anyways, I ran into a friend of mine at the mall. She's a GG that I've known for years, and she knows all about me. So we went to the food court, and had a small bite to eat, and talked. 

At one point she said, "So why do "you girls" always try to look so pretty all the time?"

I felt complimented, but suddenly self conscious. So I said, "I'm not dressed up or anything, in fact I'm basically dressed like you."

She said, "Yeah, but you always look good. And the few others that I know always look good. Don't you ever just throw something on and go out?"

So I laughed and replied, "I can't just "throw something on", or I'd look like a guy dressed as a girl. This DOES take a little prep. But I'm not "dressed up", or "made up" like I would be to go out clubbing or something.

Anyways, the conversation continued for a bit, and eventually morphed into other casual conversation. We hugged and went our separate ways.

So here's my question to all of you here: Do you think we "overdo" it sometimes? I see GG's all the time with no makeup on, and dressed very, what I would call, unflattering. Is it that we are trying so hard to "pass", that we delve into too much detail?

I mean, honestly, I was hardly wearing any makeup at all, and my clothing was nothing outstanding.

As I said above, I feel the best way to "pass" is to go unnoticed, not to stick out like a sore thumb. Unless you want the attention. But then your open to closer scrutiny, and possible "discovery" at the wrong moment or place.

Even GG's that overdress are stared at, and gossiped about.

Now I'm concerned how much I should dress down when I go to the store. Although so far, no one else has said anything to me.

So...what do you think?

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Comment by Jessie D'angelo on December 29, 2011 at 2:22pm

I believe it's a great experience to go out and not to be spotted , but it depends more in attitude than in looks, not everyone is going to be Britney Spears or Susan Lucci if you know what I mean...
hahaha at the end of the day what we are going to cherish are the memories
Great experience Amanda.

Comment by Gretta VanDrezen on December 29, 2011 at 4:43pm

I think the issue is that having not been born female, we value femininity and appreciate feminine things even more than GG's do.  (The grass is always greener...)  While I love the look I can pull with skinny jeans, knee high boots, and a sweater tunic, I still prefer a dress when I go out.  And even in skinny jeans, I still look feminine (my opinion).  Have you seen GG's who go to Walmart in sweat pants and flip flops?  REALLY?  Having spent many years in Europe, I believe this to be something unique to American women, (and an attitude I loath.)  European women (like those in many other parts of the world) would never dream of going out (even to the corner shop) like this.  Even their casual home cloths are feminine and presentable, and so there isn't a huge amout of additional work to be done to go out...but they'll add some small touches anyway.  American women have in general bought whole heartedly into the feminist message of "you can have it all and do it all".  And as such, they choose to be lazy and self centered, not giving a damn what anyone thinks.  This is not the group think I choose to associate myself with.  If I stand out because of it...then so be it.

Comment by Dal Maxwell on December 29, 2011 at 7:35pm

Perhaps we should all just do our best to appear as ourselves rather than trying to emulate European women, high brow women, stifled 50's women, and shallow women.  Who exactly has the right to tell me that I MUST dress up rather than down if it suits my very casual, low-key, and fairly rural lifestyle.  It would have been utterly ridiculous for me to have gone to work at a very busy auto repair shop in a dress even though I was out.  Now I think about tromping through fields looking for broken down barns or weird trees to shoot photos of; I'm sure the pictures would come out so much better if I was Manolo Blahniks and Vera Wang?

I like my life.  It is totally unencumbered by PRETENSIONS.  If dressing up works for you then do it.  But just like politics and are entitled to your beliefs.  You are NOT entitled to expect me to embrace them as my own.

Comment by Amanda Strong on December 30, 2011 at 1:15am

I love all the input here! I can relate to so much of what has been said. I started out wearing, primarily Lingerie, in the privacy of my home. Then I when I began going out, I wore predominantly short skirts (not micro), and cute tops. I was dressing a bit under my age, I think. Now it's more age friendly dresses, and skirts. Or slacks or jeans (Victoria's Secret Jeans), and a correlating top and jacket. I have gone from puberty to a woman in about 3 years! When I dressed as a man, I was called a "Metro-Sexual". I guess because everything had to coordinate. I'm still that way. 

I'm also practical. I don't dress casual for events, and I don't dress formal for daily activities. Although I do wear a French Maid outfit when I clean my makes it more fun.

I really love all this input! It has taught me that perhaps I'm on the right track.

Thank You All!-Amanda-

Comment by Gretta VanDrezen on December 30, 2011 at 10:45am

LeAnn, Daralyn,

There are always exceptions to every generalization.  I have no idea what your specific circumstances or choices are.  Your business. 

As I stated in my earlier post: "This is not the group think I choose to associate myself with."  My opinion, my choice.

Comment by judi brown on December 30, 2011 at 7:48pm

Yes, your average t-girl does go that little extra mile. For most it's probably a necessity. I think GGs let it slide a little because they can - they can throw on some velour juicy loungewear, put their hair in a pony tail and stop after the SPF -- and they still look like women. 

It's taken a while (probably longer than it should have) for me to realize i can also do that (3 years post SRS now)  

Do I?

Sometimes.  :)

Comment by Joellie Patrice on December 31, 2011 at 10:13am

Anyone must feel comfortable with their self image, and if putting on a little or alot of makeup or a corset or body suit is necessary for that then one should take the time to do what makes them feel "together".  I do think that many of us TGurls feel like we have to try a little bit harder...mostly due to lack of practice in my present the proper appearance. 

But I am appalled at the total lack of effort by many people today to be presentable.  Male or female or TG.  Just look at how many people are grossly overweight and unhealthy.  Unkempt appearance seems to be embraced in the entertainment industry also.  I for one enjoy looking well done when I can and enjoy looking at others who have taken the time and effort to be presentable in public.  Guess it comes from growing up in the South and seeing all those Southern Belles....


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