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forging ahead

This trans had made great strides personally on named secretary of Missouri congressional District for trans at that position, secondly I am a little nervous.  I was invited several months ago to join the parish women council.  I am worried entering a cis-gender activity but apprehensive. These little strides I made for the past three years in this community is building. Forge ahead

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Recent developments at the federal level have said all trans-services are medical necessary.  I have filed a federal civil right action through Health and Human Services office of Civil Rights against the State of Missouri Medicaid system or MoHealth Net using the new information from the government actions.  I hope to change the rules in favor of us trans-people and set president for other states to follow.  I hope it works

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He was a simply man with very little education however he was a very smart man in street smarts.  He thought me survival techniques.  Even since he did not approve of my cross-dressing he still loved me.  He was some times my rock, my secretary gopher and many things. But I love for him even though he never showed that affection

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soul searching

Mom, Dad, Brother to all relatives that have gone before me.  I hope and pray I have not disappointed you.   This perfect little boy feels like he has failed you.  I do not blame you for my faults blame the times maybe the nuns were right I was not normal.  You did not know the sadness, crying jacks, the feeling of hopelessness I felt as a child was depression.  You tried your best to encourage me to socialize to no avail.  You made me always strive to be the best even it caused arguments. …

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some more thoughts

Hi Phyllis first I want to thank you for being in my life.  You stuck with me through the good and bad times even times I had to keep you a secret.  I want to thank you for given me courage and saving my life from suicide. Phyllis I feel wonderful sharing my mind with you.  And your courage will soon make my mind equal to my body.  I look forward to see both of us emerge into the woman, the woman we were meant to be.  I am sorry it took so long but we will face the world together as one.

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new store in town

That volunteer job has now evolved into the ownership of the store in Forsyth Missouri we are the first transgenger friendly store so any of you gals are in this area come and see Phyllis. I am also digging up transgenger services in the area the walls are breaking down in this little town thanks to me

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Since I can not find a job found a volunteer job at a store in the local area that gives donations to Children. My position is Special activities Coordinator, IT, Media liaison. Some trans genders have came into the store in fear of being expose. A classic story is a sixteen year old who mother thinks since he puts on eye shadow is the work of the devil. We have adults who come in and hide the face they are buying and waring female… Read More

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I moved

I sold my home it was painful to get rid of the animals my new place does not allow animals. I was talking to my theapist about this and she made me realize that I need to be closeto family, I amtrying to sell the paper so I could move closer to my family just need pryaers right now. Can not wait to move from Missouri. On a personal note has anyone tried the artifical vagnia help is needed

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phyllis is here

I do not know if that is the right title. However, recieved a call from the Hormone doc in Missouri and December is my first visit finally after years of terminate I will be on the road to change physically and mentaly into the person I should have been

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I just talke to the hormone doc close to my home in Missouri he is now reading my evaluation and will letme know if and when to come and see him. Also closing wesenday on my house and maybe by the 18 I will have my car back can not wait to get behind the wheel

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I need your prayers

First the people buying my house are small business owners and their clients are not paying their bills so please pry that this closing will happen Tuesday so i could pay for the repairs on my car I stuck here in rural Missouri with no transportation.

Second I just send my evaluation to the Hormone doctor waiting for replay

Third I need to move from here because they have no services to handle my depression and IED disorders so pray that all this happens and I…
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I just received my Physical Elevauation and it comfirms what i know is that I have GID but they can not recomend me for HRT that is my responsibility that is fine and it is up tothe medical personal to determine the proper HRT treatment. However,my depression is sereve to a point that it makes me feel worthless and to the point where it could make me unemployable. I am scare of the future I know i want HRT and worried however the depression might stop me from receiving my… Read More

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Johovah Witness

This is the second time the Jehovah Withnes came to my home preaching the end of the world caused by Obama. Last time they were here I shocked them in a Dress and thier mouths opened. I greet them this time in capri pants with my new earrrings the shock value was priceless. I went to sally beautity supply one day and the woman lectured me that if her preacher laid the hands of the lord on me I will be cured from my GID welcome to the Ozarks the buckle of the bible and home to… Read More

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Who i am

As I sit by by window of my life looking back on the times I wore female clothing and filling complete from the first red dress to now. Wishing at ten I did not lie to my mother when asked if I wanted to be a girl should have told the truth. But this was 1968 and I was ten I had no idea what would have happened if I said yes. Transgender was not heard of at the level of today.

playing the male role felt empty inside tried to hide with a macho act but some people saw through it. Living… Read More

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I have been struggling with this GID for a long time guess ever since waring that first dress at eight to waring my mothers jewlery and clothes. I finally made that decission to dress femine all the time and ignore the comments. I know right now do not look as beautiful as the rest of you girls and do not know what the outcome is going top be. I lived throught he sixties and seventies when we fought for the right for self expression yes I am an old hippie. Talking with my… Read More

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