"We are One"

First, I had bounce in my hair,
that was good.
Then I lost the bounce between......., yes well,
that was better.
Now I've got bounce in my boobs.
Isn't life a bloody wonder........................
Rachel in Oz.

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haha,your're more qualified than me but I'm getting there.
How is your recovery going ?
Sieze is over-rated---it's just a reflection of societies false values.........but you shouldn't be ashamed of what's just there.
Hahahaha, ashamed Sandy?, I was so proud of my penis I kept the useless thing, had it recreated into a vagina and now it and my dilator are the best of friends, saying g'day daily.
How good is it, when I can come home from an 11 hour working day, relax on the bed with a tinnie of cold gold (beer) or three and babble on to you lot about bugger all or everything, depending on my mood, hahahaha, while I dilate.
Gotta love that!

Congratulations on your surgery and welcome to true congruence.

" When the fantasy stops, the reality begins."
Life is so, so beautiful,
take care,


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