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A couple of girls have mentioned the problem in getting a carer/ support person to travel to Thailand with them.
I know this feeling well. I got let down by 2 Aussie girlfriends myself.
Finding someone simpatico enough to go overseas for 2 -3 weeks is hard and having to bear the cost can push the budget over the limit.
To this end my Thai wife Mai, has her best friend, Noy who is not working.
For the small sum of $200/ week plus bed and food, Noy is indicating( she has not committed as definite yet.) that she would be happy to take on the responsibiity of carer/companion.
She speaks excellent English, having lived overseas( I forget where, I will find out) so she is a ready made interpreter, she knows Bangkok and she has a car.You would of course pay for fuel, cheap as it is there.
I have met Noy a number of times and I can say that she is a lovely person who I would trust.
In true Thai style, she is beautiful, charming, intelligent and a good conversationalist and as all of them are, she is 5ft nothing,hahaha
I am not talking about a one-off here, I expect Noy will find herself with many clients and in much demand.
At $200 a week,which is 6000 baht, a lot of money to her, we have a win/win situation.
You are welcome to use Mai and myself as intermediary's. If it's complicated in arranging, no doubt Mai will ask for a small gratuity.
Me, I am content to help Mai in helping her girlfriend.
Your welcome to reach me at:
This will be posted on Thailand SRS group at a future date.

postscript, I have just now got off the phone to Thailand and Noy has said she is pleased to do this service

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Hi Violet,
Sorry, I missed this post. Rude of me I know.
I am working on a video ad in the right hand column of the Pe page, just above "top Content" so that people can meet Noy.
She has one confirmed booking in April, with a couple of others interested.

Hi all, Stephanie Dixon is a member from New Zealand.

She is the first to use Noi's services as a carer/companion.
Noi has her second booking from July18 to August 1.
I will let Stephanie's testimonial speak for itself,

i am having noi with me for four weeks she is so nice and is like a personal nurse she specks english very well and where needed translates
you have to rember you are stuck in bed and to get uo is not easy on you tosh or with a breast augmentation basicly you take your time or you will scream .
i have found i can trust her and she will be their when she said she will be i can not say enought how with the culture she has taken that stress right away i will writh another when i get to the hotel but so far i recomend her to anyone who comens to tailand and she will be their and was cheper than somone from home but her help is so so worth it .
writh me or skyp if you hhave any further questions.
luv stephanie dixon


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