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Hi Girls
Well I never thought that this day would come when I get to have gender confirmation surgery in Thailand. I have so many questions and I need advice and more maybe guidance.

I am planning on having my surgery with Dr Saran, I would like to talk to someone that has had the surgery.

1: How do you book and pay for the surgery?
2: Where do you stay before/ during recovery and afterwards before coming home?
3: How long are you in the hospital for?
4: How many surgeries to perform SRS with Dr Saran?
5: How do you arrange a place to stay that is not in the hospital?
6: What clothes and toiletries to bring with me?

7: If I come with someone, can we share a room, a 2 bed room?

I know it will take a while to get to the point of actual booking and this is ok, I have to wait for the sale of my late mom's house, as I am using this to money to fund my surgery, it should be around this time May or June 2012.. fingers crossed.

I also have questions around the actual procedure that is not on websites [the answers that is], more I guess around the actual feelings and what happens just before and after the actual surgery, what happens when you need to pass urine etc..

Can anyone help me? I thank you so much..

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Hi Gianna Renae.
Thank you for writing so promptly,

1:The cost of the hospital service apartment is how much per day in $?
2: As for after the surgery, where will you stay, I know it is a number of days in the ward, but after this, where do you stay?
3: Will Ying do all the arranging?
4: What Dr letters?
Thanks, Justine-Paula
Hi Justine,
I had my GRS with Dr Saran in March 2010.
I can highly recommend him.
He can be reached by googling, Dr Saran Thailand.
The normal procedure is his Personal Assistant, Ying, will handle all the communication, She speaks perfect English as does Dr Saran and is a lifesaver in a Country where few speak our language.
An appointment will be made prior to your arrival, a complete schedule laid out for your surgery and you will have the option of staying in the private suites on the 26th floor at Piyavate ( pronounced Pee-a vay) Hospital, or booking your own Hotel. I don't give a high recommendation for the private suites at Piyavate.
Although the Hospital itself is 4 star, even the food is edible which says something for a Hospital, the suites upstairs are in need of refurbishing.
There are 2 things I found in Bangkok for a comfortable stay and they are, an English speaking local and a comfortable spacious room.
To the first, you can rely on Ying. I would ring her up at all times if I had a cabbie I couldn't get my destination through to and it was never any trouble for her or you can look at employing my Thai wifes friend, Noi as a companion/carer, at only $200/ week, if you are having difficulty in finding or financing someone to travel with you.
Noi has excellent English and as Stephanie Dixon from New Zealand can now attest, she is an excellent companion.
The second is, any Hotel under 4 star is really under 4 star.
For such an important time in your life, spend a little extra, I promise you, you won't regret it.
I stayed at 3 star on my first 2 trips and updated on midway through my 2nd.
Am I glad I did.
I stayed at Somerset Suites Suanplu ( you can google that name) They are close to the city centre and though a drive from the Hospital, taxis are so cheap in Bangkok it won't matter. A 30 minute drive to the Airport is only around 250 Baht ( $8) so I chose comfort over economy and it was a good decision.
They have twin 1 bed suites( with separate bedroom or 2 bedroom suites.
And an excellent breakfast, with a 7-11 attached to the Hotel.
Depending on the time of year, Somerset is only around $75/ night.

This is for starters.
Feel free to ask any questions and if you have personal questions, you are welcome to contact me on or put them on this open forum by all means.
It's all about learning and getting the best for each other.
I'm an open book and I will tell you the minuses as well of the pluses. so don't be shy about asking.
You probably already know that about me,hahaha, I have this bad habit of saying it like it is,hahaha.
Be well
Hi Justine

i had my surgery with Dr Sanguan at Phuket, in my eyes and having now been post op for nearly a year i am more then happy with his surgery, and i did two years of research before i decided on this surgeon, he does a two stage operation and Dr Saran does a one stage surgery.

if you want to discuss this further, let me know


Hi Jenny, yes I would like tom discuss SRS in Phuket, this was my 1st choice, but I am so nervous about making the wrong choice, can I talk to you via skype maybe?

Thanks so much, justine-paula
sorry i don't have Skype, but you can email me at

there are a few blogs on this site about my surgery, have a look



hi Gail, yes my email address is as above.

i am now one year post op and i am very happy with Dr Sanguans work, i have had my virgina examened by Gynocologists and a oncology surgoen, a midwife, and every nurse from the lowest to the highest, and multiple doctors, and no one ever even questioned that i was a genetic woman and that i have had my virgina from birth. i fact i have been asked by many of them if my periods are regular and if i have had children.

i am not saying to brag that i pass well, i am saying that dr Sanguans work is that good, that it is near impossible to tell from that of a genetic female.

So i fully recomend Dr Sanguan for GRS, and any follow up that may be necessary, as that would be very remote, as his work is fantastic.



Justine is no longer a member.

She is an extremely troubled soul, who from her last 4 months of blogs and comments, showed that surgery was a near impossible dream for her, let alone a reality.

I can only hope that her life improves and she can find some peace within herself.

And that she returns to Pe, although, in spite of a wide variety of very sound advice, of which she seemed to get pleasure(or pain) in rejecting outright, she can realise that Pe is indeed the premier site for Trans women to learn about others and more importantly, about themselves.


As I have said so often about being trans,

"When the fantasy stops, the reality begins."

I hope her reality is not too painful for her.

wow i just read this Rachael, spot on

i never ever thought that i could afford my surgery, as i was a four times bankrupt, but by some miricale my bank who was the one i went bankrupt took pity on me and lent me the money, they even knew what the money was for.

i am so happy now one year down the track and i am now received by all as the woman i should have been at birth.

but even saying that, if i did not get the loan, i was still happy being and living as Jenny.

being a woman starts in the mind and the rest falls in place.


Bewdiful Jenny,

There's nothing like a bout of bankrupcy to improve the bowels.

Nothing gives my bowels their release like the Bank screwing someone and nothing gives me a near orgasm, the penultimate satisfaction, than when somebody is screwing the Bank.

Once you've been through the big "B" once, any other "b" is only a (b)itch, more likely to annoy your annoyer than you, hahaha

You've gotta laugh which reminds me about taking life so seriously.

You know the old adage about," You only live once?"

That doesn't apply to us.

A trans women lives twice, and when she smartens up,

twice as good.


i know feeling  my srs is set july 2012  in thiland   im  seeing dr prichet   i cant wait im so happy  with it


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