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Has anyone experienced regular incidents of blood spotting on stents while dilating? Just wondered what might be behind that.

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I do...but then again, I'm only 6 months post. Its not enough to make me excessively concerned but it really didn't start until the last two months either. Mine is because I still have to 'work' my stent fairly hard to get past the PC muscle. I do take extra care and douche with a bit of betadine just in case.
I see. I didn't have any blood noticeable for years, until a few months ago. I think maybe I'd gone several weeks without dilating, then the vaginal lining tried to "heal" like a piercing does if not used. Now, every time, I get a drop. Oh well. We must use it or lose it. I'll try the betadine douche. Thanks.
This is for Melissa, stay away from the betadine. It is good for clearing the vagina after surgery. But it has a iodine base. And , unless flushes out it will burn. Besides, it is best effective when things are dry. The vagina should never be dry. Try some KY jelly. It is a good lubricant & it is water soluable. You don't have to douche. That is an old practice that can dry out the vagina. I speak from bitter experience. When I got home from Thailand, after 22 hrs. in the air & 6 hrs. of lay-overs, my vagina became greatly irritated (after doucheing) and the GYN told me to go home & saoh in warm water & not dialate for 1 wk. Actually, I would seek professional advice, because all vaginas are not alike. Your sister, Sandy Flynn

I get spotting from time to time but nothing that amounts to much. I think part of the problem is I have a new kitty and I have been attempting to use less lube because, 1. Chloe recommended it, 2. it creates less mess


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