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Not everyone appreciates my humor, but I thought I would share this anyway for the other weird people (if there are any).  I was shopping for a Thailand bumper sticker because I fell in love with Thailand when I was there for my surgery.  I came across this one at Cafe press and although I'm sure it wasn't their intent, it sure seems to fit my situation perfectly:

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Crystalynn has arrived and is jumping around with a childs pleasure in her excitement. I leave today. Wish I could find a sticker like that,hahahaha
There's also this one on Cafe Press:

Maybe also good on yer undies...
I've been thinking a take-off on the Tony Bennet song "I left my d... in Thalland." Doesn't sound quite as romantic though.
Not enough syllables unfortunately...
My number three was named "Are you kidding me?" Now he's just, "Let's get this over with"

Thai parts? Do they use Thai cadavears? Not enough donor material?  How about, "Made in the U.S. with Thai Engineering"? Sorry, I am being an engineer.

Marsha, I do believe that is,


 "Made in Thailand,

Product of USA.

Fit for human consumption"




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