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Hi all,
I've noted a few things on my 3 trips over there and I would like to share them.
They aren't in any order of importance and others might have different observations.

Use taxi's with meters and make sure the meter is turned on. An unmetered taxi, for example, on a short trip, will often charge 200 baht, when a metered taxi will only charge 70 baht (in your money, use 33 baht to the US $, 100 baht is around $3, it's near enough and easier to work out).
3 Star hotels are good but will nearly always have 2nd rate Internet. In Thailand, 4/5 star is worth the extra, I found this out the hard way, as I do !
Be careful, the water is crook, Thai Tummy is no fun, in fact it gives you the shits, trust me. Most street vendors use unknown water. Love the food, hate the resultant effect.
Research, research, research.
Proven Doctors to TS's are a known quantity, and usually give the quality. Use them.
Taxi drivers might look stupid and not have much English. Trust them, they don't get it wrong often. If you think they're good and/or know English, get a business card( they all have them) and phone them on other times that you need a cab, they're often priceless and will go out of their way for the business.
If you go for an appointment, get the companies business card. Next time if the cabbie can't find the place, he will ring it up and get directions. Get Hotel staff to write addresses, including their own, down on a piece of paper, or give you a card.
It's a tropical climate. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If you've got a headache or are tired early evening, you are probably dehydrated, DRINK WATER. LOTS OF IT.
Drink bottled water ONLY. Also, 10 baht bottled water ' tastes'. Spend 20 baht, it is worth it!
2-3 litres EVERY day is a minumim over there. Hotels supply 2 bottles a day, grab more. Do NOT drink tap water, even in 5 star. You'd think this is one thing they'd do right in quality hotels, unfortunately, they often don't.
For some reason, a lot of Hotels, including the wonderful, 5 star Somerset Suites, where I stayed, don't have radios.You can tune into skyfm on your computer.You can buy a pair compact speakers for around $6 at one of the electronic stores.
Put your phone on International Roaming but be prepared for a big phone bill. Any calls you receive from overseas, YOU pay for. Buy a phone there.Go to the big shopping malls. I paid around $40 plus a prepaid card. This phone is INVALUABLE for local calls to Doctor's or your patient coordinator.
Take a friend if you can. I'm as independant as anyone you'll ever meet but it gets real hard, especially after surgery, to deal with the locals lack of English. Fair Dinkum, it wears you out and leaves you exhausted. It is minimal cost to your friend. The room is already paid for, maybe a little extra for 2 people, so all they need is air flight and spending. They will be worth it and so will the company.
Take power plug converters. Your 2 point plug is flat, Thai's are round points, 6 are recommended.
Take a bagful or two of the little candies in a wrapper. The hospital staff love them, especially the red and white ones.
15/ Set up for wifi, some Hotels/ Hospitals will have cable, wifi gives you independence.
16/ Take a line of string so you can hang your washing out, many don't launder knickers.
17/ Allow for 15% tax in your budget for Hotel rooms, room service etc. It catches you out this one. You budget for a $100 a night room and 15% tax, puts another $75 a week on top.
All I can think of for the moment.
Hope there are some useful tips here.
Love to all,

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Thanks for the useful tips!

thanks a lot i will use what i can
Hi Rachel thank you for the tips, I am looking into to going to Thailand for srs I was wondering what doctor you used ?
Hi Carmen,
There's a general consensus among the girls, that tried and true is not only best, it's safest. I read of so many girls who have used Sr Suporn, He was trained expertly and trains others within a group, that has built up a very good reputation. I am booked with one from this group, Dr Saran, he is on the net under that name. I had the benefit of seeing first hand,( well not visually) his work.
While in Bangkok in October, I was fortunate enough to meet up with 3 Melbourne girls, Melissa Star, who had her surgery years ago and Belinda Johnson, also a PE member, and Tara, sorry Tara, I don't know last name, who had their surgery a mere week previous.
To see them walking around, a week after surgery, is testament to his skills.
All three used Dr Saran, and in fact Melissa is setting up a mentoring program for Aussie girls, that will include Dr Saran as the preferred surgeon. A good recommendation, I think.
I had booked with another surgeon, who I didn't quite feel comfortable with and after seeing Dr Saran and seeing his professionalism, I immediately booked April 19th next year with him. He charges $US 8,000 which was cheaper than the other but cost is not a factor to me, I can afford it.
What I can't afford, is to have my body screwed up, ( I'm so subtle, I know).
Price is all relative, A friend has talked herself into coming with me in April, as my back-up friend and having a boob reduction, after 3 kids and carrying these pendulums for years.
At my previous Hospital, the price is $US2,900, with Dr Saran it would be $3,900, but I trust him wth my friend.
I believe he would do a 1st class reconstruction.
As I've said before,
If it feels good, do it.
If it doesn't, don't.
How good is this. I've one friend coming for a week and having her boobs done, which will take my mind off my worries and another is coming over for 3 weeks to be my support during and after my surgery.

That's my viewpoint.
and so's this,
This site is bogged down, I'd love to see a few more personal experiences here, to help us along the way. Maybe, it's true, it's a me,me and bugger thee situation, bloody stupid if you ask me.

ps, if you're a year or so away,I just might meet up with you in Bangkok.
Oh yeah, go girl. Poor bloody Bangkok.
A trick someone I know uses that travels is to put a suitcase inside a larger suitcase. This is a way you have room for items you want to bring back and can then use the extra suitcase. Also you don't need to check 2 suitcases at the airport on your way over there. At the prices they want to charge per bag it might be something to think about. On your return trip use the extra bag for items you purchase and medical supplies aquired because of your surgery. Those items could be dialaters, meds, clothes, etc that you want to bring back home.
Buy Dilators???
What surgeon does not supply a patient with Dilators???
re : deleted reply, January 17.
Patricia pointed out, I might have given dodgy info, so I've deleted it till I know if I've got "egg on my face" or not.
these are good thanks

And I thought you were good with numbers Marsha.

It costs $8000 with Dr Saran, add $1500 for airfares, $1000 for Hotel, a couple of grand for spending, $600 for Noi as companion/carer for 3 weeks( how cheap is that) and you still have change out of $14 grand.

How are my maths?

I haven't seen US or Oz surgery under $30,000 plus,plus,plus.

Maybe your abacus works different to mine,hahahaha.

Thanks for the tips, I am hopping I make the trip in the next 4 or so months!

Thank you for those useful tips.

Well, it's October 2011 and so much has happened in my life.

One update I would like to add at this time, is the availability of my Thai wife, Mai or her friend Noi ( pronounced My and Noy), as a companion/carer.

Noi has excellent English skills and has been hired by 5 TS women so far and has received glowing reports on the compassionate care she offers and the friendliness she exudes. Noi is currently 5 months pregnant and it is becoming a little bit of a labour to care for someone, hence the offer of my wife, Mai as an alternative.

Mai's English has come on in leaps and bounds during this 2nd 3 month visa stay with me in Oz and I am comfortable in her ability to be understood and to understand who she is caring for.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her in conversation with friends at her Birthday party last night, something she was to shy to do earlier this year.

These girls are available for only $200 per week, night and day live-in, a big saving on airfares and you have a friend, an interpreter and a guide all rolled into one.

Loneliness in a Country where few outside of the Hospitals speak any English, is one of the greatest bugbears of using Thailand to fulfill your dream.

I can attest to that. It is not a part of your journey to be done alone

Mai and Noi can banish that loneliness and make this a pleasurable as well as a memorable time in your life.

Some food for thought 


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