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Dr.Chettawut's website can be found at:

Board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

"Our cosmetic/plastic surgery ranges from facial bone feminization, facial rejuvenile surgery such as eyelid surgery and face lift, breast enlargement surgery, reduction mammoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction to Asian cosmetic surgery such as double eyelid surgery and nose augmentation surgery."

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I don't have much I can say yet of his work because I will first have him do my srs on June 21. What I can say is I do like his option that if I need more depth that he can use skin from my stomach area. In a way this would be a mini tummy tuck but would leave a long scar that a bikini would hide. This may be something I may decide on if he thinks I will not have enough depth. The main concern for me is my partner and I are hoping to have good sex together once I am healed and my dialations have progressed for at least 3 months. But on the other hand I don't need any more scars. I still have to hide the scar from my ffs hairline reduction.
Any other comments about Chettawut or people who have gone there?

After my conversations with others on other sites, it looks like I'll be going over to him in Nov.

Gail & I had SRS in Nov 2013.  A wonderful experience as are the results.  The personal care was outstanding.  A nurse who assisted in the operating room visited us everyday in our cottage.  Chet did not delegate any steps in the surgery and continued to take a first hand interest in our recovery. He bent over backwards to ensure we were comfortable and things went well.  He made us feel like we were his only patients, the complete opposite of the cold shoulder we got from another surgeon we almost went to.

I'll be seeing Chettawut in late December, so it's great to see your posting here :) I'm glad everything went well for the both of you :)


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