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Dr. Suporn practices at the Aikchol Hospital:

The Chon Inter Hotel:

"I have been practicing craniofacial, aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery since December 1991, and my Clinic practice is presently in Chonburi, Thailand

In 2000 I developed and introduced a proprietary technique for SRS which does not use the more traditional penile inversion method. It is a one-stage technique which I have constantly developed and improved upon, and which - in my experience - gives consistently superior overall results to the more traditional methods. I have published a number of medical papers outlining my technique in learned medical journals, and which have been presented to the Royal College of Surgeons in Thailand. A summary of these presentations is available within these pages.

The FFS techniques I use are generally well established craniofacial methods, but in 2003 I started using an innovative and proprietary method for effectively reducing forehead brow bossing in medium severity cases.

While my clientele is primarily male to female transsexuals seeking total transitional surgery, I also regularly perform aesthetic facial, mammaplastic and vaginoplastic surgeries for natal women.

I am certified by the Medical Council of Thailand, and as of September 2009 I have performed some 1800 primary cases of SRS in patients of about 40 nationalities, the majority of whom now originate from the United States of America and Europe.

It is my aim - along with that of my wonderful staff who are devoted totally to ensuring our patients' utmost satisfaction and care - to be able to offer the very best surgical practices, with pre-operative and post-operative support of an order which is second-to-none."

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Hello everyone
I am a new member here, I had my SRS with Dr Suporn in Jan 2011 and am recovering well.
In my opinion he is the best SRS surgeon and I am more then happy with the results.
Also the post op care was fantastic, I travelled over on my own, But I never felt alone, I made many friends from around the world and my dream come true when I had enough money to have my SRS with Dr Suporn.
Hello! It has now been 4 months since my SRS with Dr. Suporn. I have had the slowest and most painful recovery of any I have heard of, short of those who have genuine complications. I swell up when I get surgery, and, according to Dr. Zukowski, have a very low pain threshold. I was in constant pain after the surgery, and the pain control strategy was not adequate to my extreme sensitivity, with no provision to improve it. I couldn’t sit at all for 3 weeks, beautiful Thai donut cushion or no. Otherwise, all was well. It was an incredible experience flying home; I had just barely gotten the energy to enjoy the very nice social life at the Chon Inter hotel, only a few days before leaving, and it's amazing I could survive all that time on the airplane! Prior to that the longest I’d been able to sit was about 45 minutes or an hour. One of the legs home was 10.5 hours long! Every breath, I simply thought, "One breath closer to home." It was indeed very good to be back in Seattle. I have seen my trans-experienced doctor weekly, gradually increasing my pain relief. The pain increased up to the 3rd month post-op, at which time I was put on MS Contin, which finally gave me relief. Now I am able to taper off the meds, and am almost free of them! Otherwise, the healing is proceeding well and the results are absolutely gorgeous. My energy has finally returned and I am able to get up and about more every day (with the occasional setback). I suspect, however, that it is going to be quite awhile before I can have erotic feelings down there, though my brain seems to be working quite well in that department! Looking in the mirror I hardly even notice anything new, it seems so natural to be like this – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Love, Chels

Hi everyone,

Has anyone taken the combined SRS/FFS package offered by Suporn -- i.e., SRS first followed two (?) weeks later by FFS?  How bearable is the stress of recovering from two major surgeries carried out in such a short time period?

Thanks and cheers from Bucharest,

Hi Robyn,

While I was in Chonburi in Feb-March this year for my GRS with Dr Suporn I met with two patients having the two surgeries together. It was clear to me that this is a tough thing to set yourself up for, you need to be quite strong both bodily and mentally to deal with so much in such short time. As far as I know both are doing fine now, but if they could recommend others to do the same I don't know. I've had FFS separately a couple of years ago in the US, and that was hard enough, personally I could not have booked myself for this "package deal". The first month after GRS is so much to deal with, dilating three times a day, getting appetite and digestion back on track, dealing with fatigue and pain management. How anyone can deal with a second major surgery on top of this is a bit beyond me, but some people do, and if it works for them ..

Thank you, Jenny, for those good observations.  From conversations with many friends who have been through GCS, I, too, have wondered how anyone could deal with doing FFS as well.  On the other hand, a friend of mine here in Romania who had her GCS with Preecha last January had to be locked into her room . . . because she went out to do shopping on her own within days of her surgery.  Of course, she is in her late 20s and thus at an age, as you note, where has a higher probability of being "strong both bodily and mentally" then do some of us late bloomers.

Thanks and best.


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