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Please use this thread for all discussions concerning Dr. Saran of Thailand.

Dr. Saran's website can be found at:

Dr. Saran practices at the Piyavate Hospital:

"I am a Board Certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Thailand who specialize in Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), Facial and Head contouring (FFS), Breast Augmentation, Body contouring for which I have personally trained under Dr. Preecha."

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As an addendum, Dr Saran doesn't mention the hospital that he uses on his web site. The link is
Hi all.
I'm 4 days post-op now and I have the highest praise for Dr Saran and his coordinator, Ying, of whom I cannot even begin to say how helpful she was.
Well I can, but on a later date.
Piyavate Hospital in Bangkok, that he does surgery and recovery from, is 1st class and even the language difficulty is overcome, if it's not, ring, Ying, she is brilliant, day and night.
You want the best,
Dr Saran's a good place to start.
GRS is still $8000US, but for how long? He is building up a reputation, no doubt of that
Hi Rachel!

We are travelling to Thailand in July for Gianna's GRS. We are trying to collect as much info as we can. I'd love to hear about your experience. I am a nurse in the ER, and I'm trying to find out what all to expect as far as recovery and experiences at Piyavate. We are going back and forth on whether we want to continue out stay at the hospital after the required nights there, or if we'd like to move to a hotel. Any information you could share would be fantastic.

She will be having the mtf GRS, breast augmentation and adam's apple shaving.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Dawn, Gianna,
I wish you the best for July, it will amazingly be suddenly on you.You wait and see.
Piyavate( pronounced Pee-a vay) Hospital is like a 4 star Hotel but the food is still hospital food although better than some.
Ying was my coordinator and she is simply marvellous. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she is only a phone call away day and night.
Dr Saran and Ying have excellent English but the nurses and staff struggle to understand.
Few Thai's speak English, it is a Country that was never colonised so there was never a need to know type thing.
Piyavate Hospital offers Hotel rooms upstairs, on the 24th floor from memory but I didn't find the rooms as good as the ward rooms. The Hotel rooms were aged and out-dated and less than 3 star. I think they charge around $50 per night but you would need to confirm that. For an extra $30 per night you can update to where I have stayed twice, at the Somerset Suanplu Hotel in South Sathorn. It is close to Central Bangkok and even the taxi to the Hospital is only around $8-9.
The food is great and the rooms are spacious with a closed off bedroom, very high quality and I recommend it highly.
The tendency is to save a little bit but believe you me, 3 star is a huge difference from 4 star, as I found out.
It will be a decision well worth a little extra cost.
keep asking as they come to mind,
Thanks, Rachel!

We will definitely look into it. Did you use the restuarant at the hotel for your meals then?

I kind of figured we'd like the change of scenery, at the very least.

Talk to you soon!
Love her to death, she has been so helpful.
You remember how I was less than impressed with Dr Saran's clinic in October?
You should see it now. Very salubrious. I took a photo for you but I don't know how to send it on to you.
be good

He did a great job; you look fabulous!
i am just looking forward to april for my time their

Hi Sophie,

We would be on dangerous ground to be giving you medical advice unless we have 1st hand knowledge of this ourself.

So although I have 100% faith in him, I really feel you should be directing this question at Dr Saran.

He is the only one who can tell you 100%, what he can and cannot achieve.

Please send Ying, his Administrator, an email asking for his advice.

She herself is priceless, as you will find when she meets you at the Airport

You will as a matter of course, be having a pre-op talk and examination with Dr Saran and you will find him very approachable, direct and honest with his answers to your questions, so don't be afraid to ask.

He WILL be there for YOU.

Good luck and best wishes.

Your time of congruence is near and it is worth the wait


 ON March 28 th i hade my GRS with DR Saran at Piyvate Hospital i have the higest praise for DR Saran his care and compassion goes far beyond DR and patient MS Yin is very caring and compassion with  out her help i would have been lost  has found every one from DR Saran MS Ying to each and everyone of the nurses and medicial personal at Piyvate Hospital have all become like famly to me

Good morning, I have scheduled GRS with Dr Saran end of Dec 2013, it's been a year for you now, are you still happy with your results, were did you stay after your release from the hospital, what did you do about food, what airlines did you look at for flights. Thanks for any comments/information you are willing to share, if you need to message me do so at Thanks

I'm traveling to Thailand for surgery with Dr Saran late December of this year. I have a few questions (I know, what a surprise):

1. How was going through customs arriving and departing Thailand? Was there any fees required for an exit stamp or things like that?

2. Did anyone stay in the Prom Ratchada Residence, and if so how did they like it?

3. What, if any, additional medical expense did anyone incur beyond whats provided for in Surgery Price. Did anyone buy additional dialators from Dr Saran? What about the "dounut" ? Any thing else?

4. How much did you spend on meals?

5. How much did you spend on anything else? What site seeing did you find best?

6. For those from the states, what did you do, if anything, to make the flight back more comfortable?

Thanks for any responses,

Warm Regards,



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