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"Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon, the leader in modern Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, former Associate Professor Chairman of Plastic Surgery unit of King Chulalongkorn University Medical School, President of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand, President of the Society of Aesthetic Surgeons of Thailand.

Dr. Preecha started SRS or GRS in 1978 about 28 years ago, Most of the qualified SRS surgeons in Thailand were trained by him. By the year 2005, Dr. Preecha has been personally performed over 30,0000 cases in cosmetic and plastic surgeries and over 3,500 cases for SRS and facial feminization surgeries.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is the first multidisciplinary aesthetic surgery institute. The PAI offers a full range of cosmetics and plastic surgery in modern hospital facilities with highly qualified cosmetic surgeons, Diplomat American Board of Surgery, Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (USA, Australia, Thailand)."

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I'm sitting here killing time waiting for my ride to the airport.  I am scheduled to have surgery at PAI next week.  I have never been so excited about anything in my entire life. I have researched most every doctor that I am aware of and the vast majority are very impressive.  All things considered Dr. Preecha was the best choice for me. 

I seriously do not think I would be taking this step so soon had I not discovered PE a few short years ago.  It was all of the advice that I have received from the membership that has been such an encouragement to me.  When you post your comments and experience you never know who will read and digest what you say; I sucked in everything I could.  Many of you will never realize how helpful you have been to me, your experience really does help others in a big way and I just want to say thanks for sharing.


The entire month of April 2014 will be positively etched in my memory for the remainder of my life because my dream of becoming an anatomical woman was finally realized during this time period.  As I was being positioned on the surgical table in Bangkok Thailand my thoughts flashed to the very first meeting I had with my therapist a little over two years ago when I first revealed to her my need to change gender.  Little did I realize the events and experiences that I was setting in motion at that time. 

It is fascinating how events in our life are built on taking a single action.  My therapist introduced me to the Pink Essence website where the seed for my journey was nourished.  PE led me to get to know so many wonderful people who have helped me along my journey, the most influential being my friend Nathine.  Many PE members will never realize how indebted I will always be to them for the comments they have posted over the years. 

I spent two years formulating my journey and researching which doctor I would use.  During my study I contacted most every SRS doctor in the United States.  Most all of them impressed me but I found their fees to be outside of my budget perimeter.  I heard so much about having SRS in Thailand but the thought of having major surgery in a foreign country scared me.  

In December of 2013 I made the decision to cross the border into Guadalajara Mexico to have FFS performed by Dr. Lazero Cardenas.  I was so impressed with the outcome of my surgery and the care that I received in Mexico that it encouraged me to reconsider the prospect of having SRS outside the United States.  I referenced the comments and experiences of PE members who had SRS in Thailand as well as the individual web sites of each of the doctors.  I came to the conclusion that Dr. Preecha with PAI best met my specific needs. 

PAI turned out to be the perfect choice for many reasons; they did not let me down in the slightest.  I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Preecha but my actual surgery was performed by Sutin Khobunsongserm M.D. whose talents and bedside manor exceeded all my expectations.  My surgery was performed at the Piyavate Hospital which rivals the quality and care of the best hospitals in America.  The 26 story hospital is state of the art and has an entire floor dedicated to transgender patients.  The nursing care was wonderful and I never experienced any problems with translating my needs.  The only pain I remember experiencing was immediately upon waking up from surgery.  I spent the next five days recovering with minor discomfort.  I wanted so bad to bring some the nurses back with me who bathed me on a daily basis. 

I discourage anyone from going through this process without a friend at their side to assist them.  I was so blessed that my friend Nathine was willing to go with me.  As a retired MD /surgeon she was the perfect choice and was able to help me make vital decisions during the entire process.  She had just come back from Thailand in February having lectured at the WPATH conference on the subject of transgender hormone therapy and participating in a movie which she stared in.  This being her third trip to the country; she has an affinity for Thailand and is no stranger to the customs and language. 

 After being discharged from the hospital I returned to our hotel where I spent an additional 12 days recovering before I was allowed to leave the country.  During this time period Nathine took me on excursions that I would never have dared experience on my own; she was able to navigate the country as though she grew up there.  PAI met all of our transportation needs from the airport and back during our stay. 

After leaving Bangkok we spent the most amazing nine days of my entire life in Phuket Thailand in the most glamorous five star hotel located on the beach, where I was able to show off my new breasts in a  new bathing suit.  The entire experience was so dreamlike and I decided that I did not want to leave.  Unfortunately all good things seem to come to an end and we are back. 

Going to Thailand turned out to be the wisest decision for me and I have no regrets.  We had been led to believe that there would be rioting where we were at but I saw nothing of the kind.  I think I saw two policemen during my entire 28 day stay.  The Asian people were wonderful everywhere we went and the service was superb.  I had the privilege of meeting some very beautiful TG girls from Columbia, one from Australia, two from Israel and three from Lebanon during my stay.  I felt like I was surrounded by family everywhere I went. 

Having experienced Thailand for 28 days I would have no hesitation to return if given the opportunity.  I could write a book about the wonderful people, the outstanding medical care, and the great food.  The best part is that everything was very affordable and cost about 1/3 the price I would have paid in the United States.  Would I recommend SRS in Thailand…ABSOLUTELY!  

My special thanks to Nathine and PAI who made the journey more perfect than I could ever imagine!



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