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"Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon, the leader in modern Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, former Associate Professor Chairman of Plastic Surgery unit of King Chulalongkorn University Medical School, President of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand, President of the Society of Aesthetic Surgeons of Thailand.

Dr. Preecha started SRS or GRS in 1978 about 28 years ago, Most of the qualified SRS surgeons in Thailand were trained by him. By the year 2005, Dr. Preecha has been personally performed over 30,0000 cases in cosmetic and plastic surgeries and over 3,500 cases for SRS and facial feminization surgeries.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is the first multidisciplinary aesthetic surgery institute. The PAI offers a full range of cosmetics and plastic surgery in modern hospital facilities with highly qualified cosmetic surgeons, Diplomat American Board of Surgery, Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (USA, Australia, Thailand)."

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I have personally sent many patients to Dr. Preecha and all have been very happy with their outcomes. I am actually sending two more in the first week of March.
Dr. Preecha was very sweet and attentive, especially after I walked too much In Bangkok and tore some tissue. He told me it would heal just fine, and it did. (It's good to keep in mind, when wanting to shop and sight-see, that this is one procedure that you DON'T WANT TO MESS UP by walking and running around too much after surgery.) He and Eddie assisted with rides, hotels, etc. The only thing I wish I'd gotten was a little sensitive spot (a G-spot if you will) in the vaginal wall. It would help with sensitivity inside. The outer clitoris was however very sensitive. There was no actual "hood" over the clitoris, but it kind of looks like there is, so the appearance is great, really.
Being located in Bangkok is not as scenic as the clinics further south that I've heard about, but I found Bangkok to be full of life that fascinated me. Everything is cheap it seems, except American stuff like eating at places like McDonald's. The Thai food is very interesting and I found it to be good, even though I wasn't too familiar with what I was ordering. The hospital was great, and the hotel accomodations they arranged were fine, inexpensive, and very near his clinic. I arranged to stay for 4 weeks, so that if I had any difficulties, I could reach his clinic right away, instead of flying home and then wishing I'd stayed a little longer if anything needed attention. I'm glad I did that.
I'm not sure that Dr Preecha is still doing surgery anymore.
Dr. Preecha is still doing the surgery as I have two friends who will be doing so on March 3 of this year. When I went to him it was only 10 days from the time I left till I arrived home and it was very successful. I stay in touch with him on a regular basis and he was actually at the Colorado Gold Rush last year.
i am seriously considering dr preecha for surgury
i am also lookingh al suppron
is there anyone that is having or her surgury by dr preecha
that can tell me their appionion

Both of these Doctors do a great job and actually as I write this I have two friends that just had surgery with Dr. Preecha a few days ago and both are very happy. I choose Dr. Preecha as he has done more G.R.S.'s then any living surgeon in the world.
Not only has he done more, he has taught most of the other surgeons exactly how to opperate. There4 is one rumor that you go to Preecha for the perfect cosmetic look and you go to Suporng for depth. But, that's what it is. A rumor! I went to Dr. Preecha May, 2010 and I got a 6" depth. Maybe some people want more, but that's unnecessary.
I wish to hear from anyone who has recent first hand (SRS) experience relating to the pai. clinic. The planets have aligned and I am basking under a green light now, it appears to be my time :) I am looking for insite during this wonderful but personal time in my life.
Marci, I was over there in May of this year. There was little follow-up & very little explanation of the procedures. Maybe they have gotten better, but it was like you had a vagina all your life & you would know what to do. ASK questions. Make sure you understand what they are doing. They didn't even tell me how to wipe myself & I had to ask them, on the last day, for the dialation schudule. Stay over there as long as possible. You want to have your surgery healed as much as possible before a long trip. But us women are strong. We can over come almost anything. Your sister, Sandy
I had SRS and breast surgery (as well as 5 other cosmetic procedures) at PAI on Friday 23 July. I found that Dr Preecha and his staff were very, very good. The quality of the surgery is fantastic. The only problem I had was the nursing care at the private hospital where you have the surgery and stay for 5 days after wards. I had language problems and found that the nursing care was quite poor. In the end my friend (who is a nurse) got so worried about me that she caught the next plane up to look after me. You must take someone with you for the stay in the hospital. Apart from that I was very pleased. Make sure you're well educated on everything before you go. They will answer your questions but they won't sit you down and tell you all there is to know about the op and after care. An information booklet from them would have been nice.
i just got bak from my srs in bangkok with dr preecha and i am very happy witht the way everything went his team was really good and looked after very well, he did a great job, and i would recomend him to anyone

I am now considering Dr Preecha and have been in touch with him already.  The next few months will be about raising the money to do this by September 2013 or sooner, if at all possible. 

I am now scheduled for GRS with Dr. Preecha in February 2014 to coincide with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Biennial Symposium on February 14-18, 2014. You can see my welcome by Dr. Preecha himself on my blog Observations from Crossing Over to the Other Side of the Fence.


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