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TRANSGENDER CARRY LETTER: What does this give me the legal ability to do? (actualy)

Here is a rendering of the "cary- letter" I recieved from my therapist...

Please note I have intentionaly left off names to preserve my privacy.

The letter is as follows, typed on leterhead:


To Whom it may concern:

RE: (my legal name, and birthdate)

This individual, is under my care for the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder which would lead to sexual reasignment surgery. As part of the necessary process, she is to live the real life experience and dress in the gender to which the asignment will be made. she is also receiving hormone therapy as part of the procedure, therfore is to be concidered female and to be treated as female in all instances.

if you have need for additional information, or to speak to me personaly, please contact me.



(therapists name, and subtitle)


Please note, I have already used this letter to have my gender marker changed on my drivers licence only. (not my name yet)

I live in Illinois so if any answer is state law specific, please bear that in mind.

Thank you.


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I would love to get one of these because I'm ready to have my name & gender changed.

I was hoping to get a responce from someone that was in the know about legal maters and colud tell me what exactly I can or cannot expect from having this letter. that information is very scetchy and full of untruth online (my experience)

I hope you can get one of those letters. it's my understanding you must be in the care of a therapist in order to get one. thats all i know about it.

Go to the website for the Transgender Law Center. They have a section on identity documents and you can also ask a question and they will get back to you. They are often able to give answers that are state specific.

I'm going to try to get a carry letter from my VA therapists even though I have been cleared for SRS. I can't afford the sugery right now but I want to get my name & gender marker changed.

After my name and gender were changed I decided I didn't need it anymore as my ID showed me as female, but it was good to have before that.  After my second TG group meeting on the way home I got a speeding stop, and was dressed female, with my DL showing male and my old picture. The cop never said a thing about the discrepancy. I immediately had a new pic made on my DL but didn't get the name and gender change for several months waiting on the legal name change.

Even with my female DL I am still barred from ladies rooms at two casinos, so I boycott them.


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