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Hey, I kinda need some advice here. I've seen pills online that contain actual ovarian material and other hormone glandular materials and stuff for raising or introducing estrogento the system. Many products say they have been serving the transgender communityfor years.
So, my question is this:

Has anyone any experience with such pills?

Are they safe?

Are they effective?

Pros or cons, thoughts or feelings. Please let me know.


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Thanks Karen! I had a feeling it wouldn't be so easy, or that a product that actually worked or had an effect like that would be allowed to be sold without a prescription. But I was hoping to find something to help till I got a therapist to prescribe me HRT....

Thanks again!

Starting out I tried it out, but didn't notice any results. I used herbals for a long time with some success and then I finally went with the effective ones of estrogen and spironolactone. I still take my herbs particularly milk thistle seed which helps keep the liver clean of estrogen build up.---Blessings, Elynn

I've been hearing about Milk Thistle Seed, so that's what it's for!! Thanks!! I'll get some on hand for when I start treatment!! Everyone here is sooo helpful!!

So, is Milk Thistle good or bad? Good for cleaning liver, but screws with estrogen doing it's job?

Well, I'm NOT taking ovary pills, and I didn't buy any. I was just wondering as I've seen adds. But now I need to figure out if Milk Thistle is good or bad, and if it's something I want to add to my plan. Pros/cons?

Oh, I'm just learning, and figuring things out right no. I heard/read that even taking E sublingually can still get to the liver. So, when I heard about milk thistle, I thought it might be something to look into. Apparently lots of MtF's have commented on the web about haveing it included. At this point all I really know is that I want 1) to be a (pretty) woman, and 2) healthy. So, I'm looking and learning.


It's awesome beyond belief to get the experience and support of those who came before me!!

Domo aringato gozaimasu Sempai! (Thank you very much (honorific for one who has come before))

You do a Google search on Milk Thistle. Here are links---

Taking estrogen in pill form can cause residue build-up in the Liver. My taking Milk Thisle has prevented this. Proof is in my tests. I don't take it continuously. With my different procedures I have had to stop all medications and supplements at times.

Blessings, Elynn

Thanks Janell!! I never realized my new name would have such DEEP conotations......BJ......ooooohhhh noooeeesss!!!! 

There seems to be a lot of cross information. On many subjects that surround us for that matter.


I have so much to learn......

A big thanks to all of you.  I had the exact same questions since I'm trying to get as much info as I can.

Here is the crap on that crap.  Waste of money honey.

But for entertainment, there is a magazine out there called TRANSFORMATION and a lot of that crap is advertized.  But there are some hot stories in there and nice pics promising what you don't have but want.

Eye of newt, toe of frog, hair of, where did I put that hair of ????

Love this cockamamie stuff.



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